Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The role of marketing involves many steps in planning for a final product. An implementation of processes is involved in marketing and the creation of ads is no exception. The creating of ads in marketing is a crucial step in the process of classifying and branding a product. This can be the success or failure for a firm, so the selection and final decision can not be done impulsively, it must be carefully analyzed. The example of the McDonald's rap tune for the chicken nuggets, Audi green police, and the My Starbucks Idea; these are definitely hit or miss ads. In the case of Starbucks, it has been very successful, the feedback from customer's has been nonstop.The fact that they have taken into account consumer's reactions and gathered many of the suggestions it is clearly a method of testing. Obtaining this information has resulted in implementing many of these ideas.Take for example, that they now offer lowfat and natural quality ingredients. This input from consumer's has led to new product development.

The dark side of marketing, is a good example of when lines are crossed in business ethics and also the code of ethics. This creates a negative reaction in the consumer and as a consequence the consumer rejects any association with the company's products. The video game, the D&G ads are clear indicators of going beyond the limitations of a code of ethics.

The debatable tactics that marketers adopt in order to manipulate consumers into buying their products are very real. While it is true that marketer's do abuse these tactics, we can not place the entire blame of our decisions on marketer's. For one, we are human beings, not robots and we do ponder about what we want before making a purchase or ordering a meal. There are no physical threats pushing us to unwillingly purchase or eat something we do not desire. We make the choice, we have that freedom, no matter how much marketing tactics there are or how many consumer groups there are that may be pulling us into joining their way of thinking, we hold the power to make a final decision. With that thought, the bottom line is we do decide for ourselves before we take that leap into eating, consuming or buying anything.

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