Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh The Night

Oh the night

The time when you are about to sleep and you are unable to because there something inside you is festering. An emotion, an idea, a thought that can't be described and can't be felt, but you know its there. Something that wraps you and commands you to follow it, but you can't because it does not present itself to you and no matter what you do, all that can be done is to wait. Wait and see what might become of my future. To wait and see who I will meet and who will take part in the forthcoming of what I am supposed to do. 

Follow your dreams they say and “if only I had” is what you hear. The excuses that convey the future of a human's existence for fear is what hold's one back and fear is what determines the success of an individual. How much fear they are willing to put aside and take a mantle of courage and risk is upon that person to say I want this to happen. However it will only happen if I have passion. Unless you have passion will it only commence. Unless there is a passion for it and you follow it no matter what making sacrifices of friends, sacrifices of riches, sacrifices of time devoted to it only then will happen. Only then will things fall in to place. How and when you do not know, but you feel it inside of you and me.

Some accept it and pursue it, while others continue to call it a dream and there 20 or 30 years later is that regret with which they now wish they would have pursued and called it a reality. Oh the night when imagination runs rampant and makes you feel alive and makes you feel as if something need happen in that moment and you feel inspired because that is what I have become. How and when these inspirations will take place you do not know, but I feel them in me and somehow I feel that they will happen not today or tomorrow, but someday.

Oh the night

When the ideas come to you because you bask in twilight and your mind is in overdrive for you skipped your hours of sleep and now reality is broken by free thought. Thoughts of formless and endless perception to which time does not apply. The measurement with which everything is ordained to an hour glass disappears in that beautiful mind that thinks and thinks of things that turn into ideas because that imagination proceeded to take place and breaking free from the constraints of everyday life and the routines that ensue and become a monotonous task. To break free from a cycle of control and watch this and eat this and don't go there and don't do this becomes something of the past and your thoughts perception answers those questions and gives them reason as to why you are unable to do so and why you should do so and lets you imagine the possibilities of why and how solutions.

That is the night with which I am faced. Not night after night, but graced with from time to time and in those moments I basque in them and welcome them when inspiration takes flight and makes you feel alive. That is when the moments of free will and the ability to succinct from instinct and humanity takes over and you ponder of a wondrous place that does not exist because it has not been made and it can only be made by the power of ourselves working together towards it. A faith in humanity is a faith in time. It will arrive, but not when wanted or expected, but when it is right and needed. When it nears its due date is when the will to act will arrive for it is human faulted nature to procrastinate and to defile in laziness for the falling in and out of habits is a constraint and an emotional barrier of holding on to whatever it may be bars the progression of progress for the betterment of humankind.

Oh new day arrive now and fill the sky with that golden light of hope.

Copyright Josue Solares  

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