Saturday, June 30, 2012

What is to read?

What is it to read? What is it to delve into another person's mind?  The words that fall upon paper, they take shape in our minds.  With time it is possible to see the growing vocabulary and how it expands beyond the reaches of your tongue upon day to day activities.

If we read and if we perceive then it is agreed that you have read.  Think of bread and think of how it does not belong on your head, but in your innards where it presents vitamins and minerals to your body.

The page you turn is the adventure you seek and the chapter that ends is the moment you speak.  The syllables and vowels are nothing without the syllabic and abecedarian of what is pronounced.

Oh how some of you curse and deny that inner thirst of a collage of knowledge.  How you'd rather spend time without end upon a screen presenting a text without reason from your friend about the nothing that happened in your day to day routine.

If only more we would read I say, but then what is said is "we do, we do read!" 'our books of nonsense that plant no seed'. A funny joke and a retold tale till death is but a myth to the story repeated to detail.

These words can tell a tale of a monstrosity that belligerence of no fool could subdue its tools of deliverance from animosity.  These words can tell of history that converge to the proof that hath reprove the truth that a mere war or symbol of hope have merged to repeat antiquity.

How can we sit in front of a screen and hope to achieve that which is great if we do not read.  "But we do, we do read" as it is cried from those who have become entangled with the information highway and have gone on to the social my-way.

A plethora of words is awaiting to those who seek its power and memorandum of cascading.  To retain, please retain the words, those words that you read within your head, within your minds and in your hearts.  Those words that have meaning and will soon be redeeming their predetermined conceding.

Please do not stray from the array of their beautiful light that plays within your mind.  Seek and enjoy, continue your quest for the week of the spoils.  For the words you seek have become weak and the future is bleak for the words of play in that which they breed.

'Tis a lost art to read

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