Saturday, June 16, 2012

What would Montesquieu tell our modern politicians?

          In Montesquieu's studies he deducted that there are three basic forms of government Monarchies, Republics and Despotism. He also inspired the writing of our nation's Constitution by expressing his idea of the separation of powers. The separation of powers was an idea that separated government into the legislative, executive, and the judicial. I believe that if we would be alive today what he would tell our modern politicians would be the following. He would most probably be glad that our government took interest in his ideas and implemented them into our Constitution. I also think though he would criticize how our government is working presently. This is due to his ideals that there should be a clear separation of government so that no form of power is too great. Presently it is possible he would see that the powers of our government are not divided equally.


  1. hi
    If Montesquieu watched current Japanese elementary school students who are learning separation of powers, he would be happy :D But...

    We were learning that separation of powers is basic of democracy.But I think politics of Japan isn't follow the separation of powers.First, our government adopt the parliamentary cabinet system.So,legislature and administrative organ are close.Second,the diet members as legislature don't work.Many Japanese law was made by the government official.And unfortunately,despite there are no corruptors, the government officials are corrupted lol


    1. You make a very great point Shu Ito. The United States says it has separation of powers, yet religion is involved with all politics. So there really is no separation of church and state. I also agree with the point you made about the corrupt government officials. Best example for right now, is GREECE! Their officials got them into that mess and now the people who know how to actually do the job have to clean up the mess.