Sunday, June 10, 2012


The more i watch televsion and see magazines on the stands for men and women. The more I become disgusted by my human counterparts, my fellow brethren, my own kind.  My faith in humanity sinks to all time low when you witness the potential for harm that can be done to one another. I know that the problem with today's world is a morale one and we all have our battles to fight and inner demons one must face.  However we are not alone in this fight.  You have others in the same situation.  You can band together and overcome the trials you face and beyond that for more support than just human companionship there is the spiritual side of it.  There is the faith that we are not alone in this universe and that an entity made up of amazing qualities and that of love is there watching us.  Waiting for us to change and do better and make things better for ourselves. Whence that time comes, God will arrive and change everything completely.  Our conscience will no longer be divided in half.  We will know of no evil, we will speak no evil, and we will so evil for our hearts and minds will be cleared of it and it will take a while for we are imperfect and we are to achieve perfection through countless years that are ahead.

How I wish that time was now, but human nature procrastinates and is impatient. We want it now and whatever way it can be achieved, but God is patient and he knows when to intervene for it will be the perfect timing and he has his calendar set on that day, on that hour, on that minute, on that second God will arrive with all his glory and choose who will become perfect and who will not.  How he will do it, will be based upon the paths you chose to take during your life time.  God exists within us and so does Satan. If we do the bad we will be following a path of evil and if we do good then we follow a path of good.  It is not difficult to understand that.  The choices we make are our own and we pay the consequences whether they be good or bad and that does not include the interference we see from things out of our control.  The actions other people take that can affect us. However, no one can change another person.  The power to change lies within oneself and oneself only.

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